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Turning your good intentions into
greater impact

Welcome to The Benson Agency, where we redefine nonprofit consulting through dedicated capacity building. Our goal is to elevate your organization's impact and amplify your brand through innovative solutions and strategic foresight.

At The Benson Agency, we specialize in crafting efficient, budget-friendly solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. By collaborating closely with each client, we uncover insights that inspire fresh thinking and harness the power of technology.

While every mission-driven agency begins with vision and passion, true effectiveness requires expert guidance. That's where The Benson Agency excels. We're committed to enhancing your operational strength and expanding your influence.

Whether you're navigating challenges in operations, financial management, fundraising, board development, marketing, branding, or beyond, we're here to empower you. Let us partner with you to achieve your mission with confidence and clarity.

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The Benson Agency's mission is to help you achieve your mission

Our Team

The Benson Agency brings experience and leadership to your organization.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Cindy from The Benson Agency on several projects, including developing a workshop on why Funders Should Fund in Aging, and a fundraising toolkit for the American Society on Aging. Not only does Cindy bring a high level of professional, up-to-date knowledge, strategy and insight to everything she touches, she also is meticulous about getting things right. And bonus—she is incredibly fun to work with!

Janine Vanderberg

Changing the Narrative

The Benson Agency listened to our vision and made it a reality.

Terry Mulvaney

Board Leader

Curvy Girls

Cindy has been the most amazing connector to a variety of different constituents, and without her introduction, I probably would not know. I’m not sure if she sleeps, as she is always thinking about how to build a variety of different types of communities with the right people sitting around the table. Her passion for connecting people and initiatives has directly helped influence my career.  I would not have had this success on the national stage without her!

Jodi Waterhouse, MHA

Director, Outreach, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Multidisciplinary Center on Aging

A Note from Our President & CEO

I founded The Benson Agency in 2011 because my almost three decades of experience in business development taught me that having a strong mission is integral to achieving success, but that the mission must be met with strong systems that support it. 

The Benson Agency provides capacity building supports specifically for those organizations that understand this and are ready to invest in themselves to grow. 

We are built to support those who are guided by mission and are ready to grow their capacity to achieve their vision. Over the past almost 15 years, The Benson Agency as developed programs, trainings and one-on-one executive coaching sessions that help to balance your organization's work and operations. After all, you can't be everything to everyone, but with limited resources and growing needs for services, nonprofit agencies are often trying to do just that.

Values-driven organization, no matter their tax status, often face the need to balance their profits with their desire to support their community. We are able to create research-based plans that incorporate both your financial and ethical goals as you work to develop systems for corporate social responsibility. We strive to help organizations achieve sustainable plans that are cost-effective, engage your stakeholders and have lasting impact. 


The Benson Agency works with our clients to develop solutions that you will be able to manage and sustain in the long term. Our plans will be organic and flexible, and our work together will be comprehensive. We are there to provide resources as your coach, collaborator and consultant. Our goal is to help you to be more successful at what you and your supporters care about—your mission.

Cindy Morris
President & CEO
The Benson Agency

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The Benson Agency Launches Project 120

Project 120 supports our clients in building programs and systems that better meet the demands of their multigenerational workforce, donors, clients and consumers. 


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