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Nonprofit Solutions

Board Development

The relationship between the administrative team and board members can make or break a nonprofit agency. The Board of Directors has specific responsibilities that are integral to an agency's success.

The Benson Agency offers trainings for board members on financial oversight, fundraising, marketing, and collaboration opportunities. We will work with your team to develop individualized training sessions that make sense for your needs.

Marketing & Communications

Your work matters, but unless it is understood, it cannot be valued.

The Benson Agency can design & implement a marketing and communications plan that will share your thought leadership, your work, and your vision consistently with your targeted audiences. Not only will consistent messaging and brand awareness support your fundraising agenda, but also ensure that your mission is known and understood.

Development Planning

Fundraising and development are integral to your sustainability. Creating and managing a diverse development plan will prepare your organization for various economic realities, ensuring that you are not reliant on any one source of income.

The Benson Agency will conduct a thorough analysis of your existing funding streams and the opportunities that exist. We are able to train and guide your leadership and staff to implement this effort or support you directly in your development efforts.

Operations Systems

As your organization prepares for or responds to growth, it is imperative that you have the operating systems in place to support your long term sustainability.

The Benson Agency is able to support your staff by developing the staffing, financial management, technology and human resource plans that you need. Ensure that your staff has the resources and benefits they require to achieve their success and remain committed to you.

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