The relationship between the administrative team and board members can make or break a nonprofit agency. The Board of Directors has specific responsibilities that are integral to an agency's success.

The Benson Agency offers trainings for board members on financial oversight, fundraising, marketing, and collaboration opportunities. We will work with your team to develop individualized training sessions that make sense for your needs.

When your nonprofit's board and administration teams work together more effectively, your mission is better supported. 

You have a great idea. You want to help. You just need others to know about it.

Marketing is about getting people to the table. It’s about making your mission known. Successful nonprofits offer consistent messaging and brand identity. Marketing is not about asking for money; it's about giving away your message. 

Once you are effectively marketing your mission, the next step is to close the deal. The Benson Agency teaches sales techniques that will help you, your board and your staff succeed.

So many nonprofit agencies confuse marketing with fundraising. The Benson Agency will help you to separate these, using both to successfully support the other. Let us help you to develop and implement fundraising plans that will be effective at raising money while also supporting your message.

Your nonprofit agency is a business and should be treated as such.  You need an effective and smart business plan that will help you to achieve long term sustainability. 

Whether you are just opening your doors or have been in the field for years, it is imperative that you have strategic business, marketing and fundraising plans.

The Benson Agency will help you to balance your short term reality with your long term goals, developing plans that speak to your board, clients and donor base.

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