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Project 120
Preparing You to Serve through a Multi-generational Lens

We are in a moment in our history where it has never been more important to marry mission-based work with those that have the resources to bring about social change.


Our consumers are demanding it.

Our workforce is desperate for it.

Our economy is dependent on it.

When else has it been so apparent that a multigenerational social responsibility is good for business and vice versa. 

Building sustainable corporate giving programs involves far more than just a company match or offering local sponsorships.  Rather, building out a strong social enterprise can engage your consumers and employees as you look to build lasting relationships.  We work with small and medium size companies to drive their social impact through the development, launch and support of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, while also growing their profits, all through a multi-generational lens that speaks to our shifting population and provides answers to the questions that are being asked of us.  


What is Your Why?

The Benson Agency knows our why. The world is changing. Within the next 10 years there will be more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 18. People over 65 grew their spending power by 2.7% last year. People under 65 grew theirs by only .7%. 

As our consumers age, so too, does our workforce and our caregivers.

And we are not prepared.

The Benson Agency's mission is to support those who are guided by a mission to build their capacity through a multigenerational lens with systems that meet the needs of our shifting population, so that you are meeting the needs of donors, clients and workforce. Understanding this shifts in demographics will drive your success.

What is Project 120?

Project 120 supports our clients in building programs and systems that better meet the demands of their multigenerational workforce, donors, clients and consumers. 

Whether you are looking to support youth-based programs or answer the needs of your employees in the sandwich generation caught in middle of caregiving to their children and parents, Project 120 will work with you to evaluate your existing efforts, design new solutions and implement the systems that will work for you and responds to a growing values-driven workforce and consumer.


The Benson


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