With a BA in Political Communication and a Masters in Tourism Administration from The George Washington University, I had spent nearly fifteen years working for a variety of corportate organizations in the hospitality and travel industries.  I loved what I was doing and the field I was in, but I was ready to for a change.  I started The Benson Agency, as I realized the need to bridge the gap between social good and sustainability at the non profit level.  And in 2019, I was excited to expand my company to begin working with for profit companies that wanted to ensure their social enterprises were sustainable, engaging both consumers and clients.

Having worked with various nonprofit agencies throughout my career, I realized that many suffered from having to balance their mission and passion with the needs of running and managing a business.  Over the course of The Benson Agency's life, we have developed programs, trainings and one-on-one sessions that help you to balance your organization's work and life.  Afterall, as anyone knows you can't be everything to everyone, but with the small staffs and growing needs for services, nonprofit agencies are often trying to do just that.

Values Driven For profit companies often face the need to balance their profits with their desire to support their community.  We are able to create research based plans that incorporate both your financial and ethical goals.  We strive to help companies acheive sustainable plans that are cost effective, engage your stakeholders and have lasting impact. 

I will never sell my services to you as a solution for your problems.  I will work with you to develop solutions that you will be able to manage and sustain in the long term.  Our plans will be organic and flexible, and our work together will be comprehensive.  I am there as your coach, as your collaborator and as your consultant.  My goal is to help you to be more successful at what you and your supporters care about--your mission.

The Benson