The Benson Agency has worked on a variety of projects for Nonprofit Agencies throughout Long Island, and we know how proud we are of the work.  More importantly, though, is how proud our clients are of their outcomes.  Here's just a sampling...   

Fighting the tide of many community orchestras closing, we were hired to evaluate the sustainability of the Long Island Philharmonic, and then design a marketing plan that they could implement with a small staff and few resources.   Based on their budget, community outreach, school programs, and incredible board support, we focused on building a press relations plan first.  The results were exciting, with success in print, radio and tv.  We encouraged the LIP to focus further on other free marketing efforts, such as growing their social media audience.  

“It has been a pleasure working with Cindy Morris.  I found her to be bright, enthusiastic, hard working and willing to make constructive criticism.” 

-Jack Russell, President

Itri-final-logo 2.png

When we first started working together, i-tri was a young organization started by one woman, who had a great mission and a strong vision.  Unfortunately, she was working largely on her own.  We spent our first year working together focusing on fundraising and board development to get her the support she needed.  As we acheived success in these areas, we were then able to focus on growth and program development.

​Cindy is a delight to work with on our nonprofit projects. She has strong marketing skills, is very collaborative, and also has a good understanding of the nonprofit sector.

Annmarie Thigpen, Director

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Adelphi Universiy has worked with The Benson Agency on a variety of projects for organizations throughout Long Island.  For example, over the past two years, we have worked with Dometic Violence Agencies on two projects-the first a side-by-side marketing and fundraising course for a select few organizations.  The second program is currently underway, as we work to develop an advertising initiative aimed at fighting teen dating violence.

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