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Why Us? 
Because The Benson Agency has served over 50 clients and partners for over 15 years.

Cindy Morris Brings a
Career of Experience & 
Leadership to You

The American Society on Aging

Chief Advancement Officer

As the former Chief Advancement Officer of the largest multidisciplinary association for those who work with and on behalf of older adults, The Benson Agency's President, Cindy Morris managed a team that was responsible for the rebranding of the organization, while growing revenues by 35% and followers by 30% and doubling membership. She also led the design and monetization of their global conference, which reached over 2000 people per year.


Chief Operating Officer

The Benson Agency's President was the Chief Operating Officer of i-tri, a nonprofit that utilized the sport of triathlon to drive gender equity. Serving middle school aged girls, i-tri married mindfulness, sports and academic supports to help their clients gain leadership skills that went far beyond the racecourse. In her role, Cindy Morris managed their operations, finance and development teams, growing the organization from serving 1 school to 10.

The George Washington University
Masters of Science in Business &
Bachelor of Arts in Political Communication


A Note from Cindy Morris

I founded The Benson Agency in 2011 because with almost three decades of experience in business development first in the travel and tourism industry and then for nonprofits, I have seen the direct connection between having a strong mission and success. Now, as we enter a shifting economy that takes into account the growing role of older adults as our consumers, our clients and our workforce, we have a responsibility to serve through a multigenerational lens that answers to this longevity economy.

The Benson Agency provides capacity building supports specifically for those organizations that understand this and are ready to invest in themselves to grow within this new normal. 

We are built to support those who are guided by mission and are ready to grow their capacity to achieve their vision. Over the past 15 years, The Benson Agency as developed programs, trainings and one-on-one sessions that help to balance your organization's work and operations.  After all, you can't be everything to everyone, but with limited resources and growing needs for services, nonprofit agencies are often trying to do just that.

Values-driven organization, no matter their tax status, often face the need to balance their profits with their desire to support their community.  We are able to create research-based plans that incorporate both your financial and ethical goals as you work to develop systems for corporate social responsibility.  We strive to help companies achieve sustainable plans that are cost-effective, engage your stakeholders and have lasting impact. 

The Benson Agency works with our clients to develop solutions that you will be able to manage and sustain in the long term.  Our plans will be organic and flexible, and our work together will be comprehensive.  We are there to provide resources as your coach, collaborator and consultant.  Our goal is to help you to be more successful at what you and your supporters care about--your mission.

The Benson


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